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Thank you for visiting my photography website!

Photography is a hobby to me and I am actually a translator and copy-editor in the Netherlands.

My first experiences in photography I gained as a school girl with an analogue camera. After a few years of “just” taking holiday pictures and the usual memories, I started again with a digital camera taking it more seriously. I followed a few classes but learned the most by taking lots of photos and looking at ones from other people.

Photography is a way for me to look at the world, to look closely and from different angles and to try to look behind things. It allows me to stay still for a while and enjoy the beauty of the world.

Photography also teaches me every day that we all see the world in a different way. Everyone sees something else in a photo and gets different ideas and feelings from it.

Photography is a sort of language to me that transmits culture, feelings, views or messages. In a similar way I translate texts into another language I try to translate my feelings and views into photographs, only that I can be more creative with it than with translating texts.

At the moment I focus on flowers, abstract and black and white photography.
I like to take photographs of flowers because I like how they look and smell and feel, I like their colours and shapes. Their beauty I want to catch in my photographs.
Abstract photography fascinates me because this is a way to attract the attention and to make people think, to take their time to decipher the photograph and to let their imagination run wild about the pictures they can see in abstract structures or patterns. It also can be quite surprising when experimenting.
I like black and white photography because it is at the same time straightforward and clear but can also be very mysterious.

I get my inspiration from books, nature, art and from my grandfather who always carried a camera with him and who was photographing his whole life.
Photography is a hobby to me and I see myself still at the beginning of a life-long learning process. If you have any comments or tips, please feel free to send an <a href=”mailto:bm-foto(at)”>e-mail</a>.

If you are writing about photography and are looking for the right expression in English, Dutch or German, please feel free to use my photography dictionary.