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Thank you for visiting my photography website!

Photography for me is a way of looking at the world, looking closer and seeing things from a different perspective. It allows me to stay still for a while, to enjoy the beauty of the world and to marvel at the wonders of nature, which sometimes can be in themselves little works of art.

I feel especially attracted to colours and shapes. It’s the colours of autumn that make me happy and give me energy. It is the variety and changeability of colours of flowers that fascinate me and make me admire what nature is capable of. It’s the forms, patterns and shapes that you can find in nature that make me wanting to catch them for abstract photos. Especially in winter, when trees have lost their leaves, when they show their interesting shapes and form a beautiful contrast to the sky, I am particularly attracted to trees. I am fascinated by tree barks because they disclose intriguing abstract motives.

Playing around with my camera, looking for interesting shapes and forms and little details that are hidden in flowers, leaves or trees teach me to look differently at our world, that it is worth taking your time to uncover the little treasures natures keeps for us and that we absolutely must preserve it.

Having a great passion for language and being a translator, I also see photography as a sort of language to transmit culture, feelings, views or messages. In a similar way, I translate texts into another language I try to translate my feelings and views into photographs. Then, I realise that words often reach their limits and that images sometimes are easier to understand.

I get my inspiration from books (history, art, philosophy, biographies), nature, art (especially paintings from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century), other photographers, and especially from my grandfather who always carried a camera with him, and who photographed all his life.

Even if I have been photographing for more than ten years now, I see myself still at the beginning of a life-long learning process and I am convinced there will be always something to improve. I very much hope you enjoy the images on my website and should you have any comments or tips, please feel free to send an e-mail.

If you are writing about photography and are looking for the right expression in English, Dutch or German, please feel free to use my photography dictionary.